COVID-19 에세이?

“Community disruptions such as COVID-19 and natural disasters can have deep and long-lasting impacts. If you need it, this space is yours to describe those impacts. Colleges care about the effects on your health and well-being, safety, family circumstances, future plans, and education, including access to reliable technology and quiet study spaces.”


Students with Masks

위 내용에 해당되는 것이 있으면 학생이 250단어 내로 에세이를 작성해야 됩니다.


또한 “Do you wish to provide details of circumstances or qualifications not reflected in the application?”

이라는 질문에 650단어 내외로 에세이를 적게 되어 있습니다. 


금액은 원서당 정해지게 됩니다.